The Quantitative Easing Explained

This is both funny and informative:

note: a tiny bit of bad language, but inconsequential

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The “Free” Internet

There it is folks, as “free” as it is.  Click in and try to find yourself (circa 2006).

In an exchange of emails with someone on the topic of the “Free Internet”, some things came up in the discussion I would like to share.

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Sports update! Maple Leafs eaten alive!

The picture says it all.  Thanks to Jeffie for the phun photo.  Click to zoom in.

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Intelligent life exists elsewhere! Video evidence!

Today as we were chatting on a lazy Saturday morning about stuff Christy bumped into some youtube videos posted by “modelmark”.  Here is a link to his youtube channel. What an interesting bunch of ideas and ways of looking at things.

I didn’t want to lose track of modelmark’s videos, so the link is now enshrined here.  It seems that modelmark understands things in a similar way to myself.  I may choose to comment and expand on his thoughts here…



PS: Oh, I know, I know, you are massively disappointed that this wasn’t a post about UFOs and extraterrestrials.  Ok, ok, ok, I’ll give you some links so you can scratch your insatiable itch:

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Moron money

I have written about money, trying to make it understandable to folks.  I hope I succeeded, have a look and let me know.

John Mauldin publishes a weekly email, and it is well worth reading.  John’s independent thinking and writing, freely available to those who want to read it over the Internet, is yet another example of the truth of my assertion that the Internet is the best truth-seeking machine we will ever build.  Here is John’s latest weekly email, in full.

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Milton Freedman defending Capitalism and individual interest

Milton Freedman defending self interest in the 1970’s.  What was true then is even more apparently true now, and the question of who rewards virtue is key.

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Let’s start from the very beginning

I read a funny piece in Maclean’s about the lack of humour in Canadian politics, citing the need for a new party that could laugh at itself.  I love laughing at myself, better yet making others laugh, yes, even at, but hopefully a bit with, me.

But a frivolous political party – at least one that is really serious about it! – in the interest of fully exploiting the humourous ironic potential of the situation, ought to have some really strait-laced, straight-faced constitutional underpinnings upon which the comedy is then built.  The cognitive dissonance will drive people crazy.

I propose therefore, a set of principles from which policy for the Another Party shall be derived.  I’ll leave it to others to make good fun of it all.

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Halloween 2010 CNN: Scary kids

The other day I had happened to mention CNN and Christy had, my paraphrasing allowed, jumped in quickly: “CNN?  Scary.”  I didn’t understand, I hadn’t watched CNN in eons.

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Should we be worried? Let’s keep tabs.

The following article projecting Canadian Federal debt and deficits as a fraction of GDP appeared in Feb 2010 here.  I want to keep tabs, remember the forecasts, so that we might check their math later.

The implicit assumption is a non-correlation of government fiscal policy and GDP growth (or contraction).  Another is that the maximum error they could have in their projections is +/- 1% of GDP growth.  Boy, they must be good!  Bow to the economic masters of the universe!  Can you tell I am skeptical?

So, let’s just keep score, shall we?  We’ll revisit this page in a year or two.  Here comes QE2 down south….

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Gravity Always Wins

My younger brother has a marvelous, beautiful young child, and through some osmotic process that I don’t understand, came to understand some things earlier than I, despite his being four years my junior.  Better late than never.

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