Some inconvenient truths – Hot tempers at EU hot air

I bumped into this at and have to share.  Nigel Farage, British MP and leader of the UK Independence Party, tells it like it is to the bozos who just don’t get it at the EU.  I have spent a bit of this slow trading day (US is closed for Thanksgiving) surfing Euro-news.  It is getting ugly over there, folks.  I feel like the mood is swinging, and people will no longer put up with the deceit, disinformation, and the devaluing of their lives in favour of the political elites and in particular the bankers.  The people now know, or at least are now finding out, that the massive debts that their governments incurred in bailing out the banks will be theirs to pay, and they are tired of it.  I can only watch so many videos of demonstrations and clashes with police before I am full, and I don’t want to re-post them all here, it is too depressing, but this one rant is worth it.

Peter Schiff telling the Irish they would be better to default than to bail out the banks is another interesting rant.  Take a look.  He is right.

Ok, here is just one of the “riot scene” clips, and what looks to me like a teenage kid who clearly knows and understands far more than the talking head about economics and what is going on.  It’s getting uglier, folks. We had best crash JP Morgan, buy silver. Far safer to have the markets take down the banks than to have countries at war. If we take down the banks first, there will be little appetite for war. If the banks persist, they will encourage and fund the war, because it is in their self-interest. Buy silver. Crash JP Morgan.  Seriously.

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