Crash JP Morgan, buy silver: The first google-bombing

Max Keiser offers up a very different world view than you’ll get on any of the major media.  So does Alex Jones at InfoWars (!).  The combination has recently proven explosive.  A quick googling just now for the exact phrase “crash jp morgan buy silver” produced 266,000 hits.   The variant “buy silver crash jp morgan” returns just 3930 [ed: Nov 24 google hit update – 330,000/20,400].  Try it when you read this to see if the numbers are growing or shrinking.  This video should explain what is happening.  Basically, a new viral mechanism has just been spawned on the ‘net.  Watch the videos (even if you think Alex Jones is a kook), then I will follow up by explaining why this is happening, and what it means.  Shorting JP Morgan might be a good idea around now…

What is happening, and why? We have here two examples of complexity and “natural law”  restoring balance in action. First is the thing making the news, ie Max’s (wholly justifiable, I might add) assault on JP Morgan, then there is how the news is being made.

What is happening #1:  That JP Morgan is complicit in precious metals market manipulation has by now been established beyond reasonable doubt, in my mind, given that this is not a court of law, but of opinion. All Max suggests is a simple systemic mechanism to call their paper-metal bluff, if it exists. Buy some silver. (Please. I did long before Max asked us to.  I have bought hundreds of ounces.) You can buy at least one – or at least you can try. It is very hard to get any decent quantity anymore, but single coins should not be too hard to find. So play Max’s game and buy one. Order some silver online, in Canada you can go to, or ScotiaMocatta, or go to your bank or local precious metals house.  The system (ie we, the people) is responding now to years of having had the precious metals markets frustrated by the bankers.  It began long ago, but some interesting more recent history and proof of the manipulation can be found here in Market Force Analysis’ fall 2010 articles.

What is happening #2: The ‘net has figured out another way to get something to “go viral”.  Alex Jones and the lads at InfoWars decided to ask people to use particular key-phrases so that they would be easily searchable on google and youtube, and to make their own videos and blog entries, so that the search engines would be stuffed full of matching entries.  As more people bump into it, more google and youtube entries are created.  This positive-feedback effect can’t be filtered very easily, as it is dispersed across myriad IDs, IP addresses, blogs, youtube videos and so on.  Because folks are so hungry for truth and some recovery of control of their lives, all it took was to create a net-meme, with a well-known name, and suddenly there are over a quarter of a million sites that hit in google.  And that is in less than two weeks.  And silver is now trading overnight in Hong Kong at over 27.60 again.  JP Morgan are going to be angry!  Two days left before the November COMEX needs to get settled, and this might just hurt!

Watch silver.  It is the canary in the fiat currency coalmine.

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