Intelligent life exists elsewhere! Video evidence!

Today as we were chatting on a lazy Saturday morning about stuff Christy bumped into some youtube videos posted by “modelmark”.  Here is a link to his youtube channel. What an interesting bunch of ideas and ways of looking at things.

I didn’t want to lose track of modelmark’s videos, so the link is now enshrined here.  It seems that modelmark understands things in a similar way to myself.  I may choose to comment and expand on his thoughts here…



PS: Oh, I know, I know, you are massively disappointed that this wasn’t a post about UFOs and extraterrestrials.  Ok, ok, ok, I’ll give you some links so you can scratch your insatiable itch:

The August 2010 Mexican Air Force UFO videos

The Sept 2010 National Press Conference

Larry King interviews on (gulp) CNN (Check all 4 videos.  Bill Nye the “science guy” is hilarious)

The November 2010 California mystery missile. Was it the Chinese, the US, an “optical illusion” of a jet con-trail, or…. the aliens?

On that latest one, and not to take sides, and your mutual-fund performance may vary, but US coastal missile-launches have been papered-over before

But here is Billy Meier. This is fascinating!  Never knew all this stuff was out there!  Hmmmn….  Gotta check out some of those Pleiadian prophesies now, I suppose!  Another post…

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