The Mouse That Barked

We are dog-people, and have had dogs pretty much all our respective lives.  Our current hound is “Mouse”, a Bernese/Aussie rescue puppy from a pound in Alma, in northern Quebec.  (We think we could have stumbled on a new breed, the Bossy 🙂

We thought, given the size of her paws when we first got her, that she was going to be Enor-mouse, but she stopped growing, and thus became simply “Mouse”.

We often walk our dog at the Bruce Pit dog park in Ottawa, which has it’s own web site.  We have a few pictures of our younger Mouse posted on that site here.


PS:  I read “The Mouse That Roared” as a young school-kid.  It instilled in me early a strong sense of the ability of tiny slices of humanity to achieve great things against apparently insurmountable obstacles.  The Internet is like a giant megaphone for the little voices, but one that will only amplify the truth, provided all the people on it do their best to stick to it.  The interesting bit is that even if lots of people are wrong, the Internet can still compute truth.  It is very fault-tolerant.

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