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The visualization of progress

Here is a fascinating view of the last two hundred years of global economic activity.  As Dennis Gartman might say, we do indeed seem to be moving from the bottom left to the top right, from poor and unhealthy towards … Continue reading

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Chinese fortunes, cookie!

Christy and I try to stay apprised of world events and developments, but we may not always read the same stuff. I had bumped into the following document by HSBC (the division that isn’t kiting gold on the LBMA;-) at … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage strikes again!

This guy knows how to spout truth about the EU!  I couldn’t agree more about the poor Irish, who have been suckered by the bankers.  If they, like Iceland, defaulted and restructured around a new Irish currency instead of lining … Continue reading

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