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Let’s get physical!

Having seen that cute animation about “the quantitative easing”, I just had to give it a shot.  So I went to, signed up, and the content grew out of the limited selection of settings and characters I could use … Continue reading

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Some inconvenient truths – Hot tempers at EU hot air

I bumped into this at and have to share.  Nigel Farage, British MP and leader of the UK Independence Party, tells it like it is to the bozos who just don’t get it at the EU.  I have spent … Continue reading

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The American Experiment in Government

I have been watching an excellent set of interviews on a website called Uncommon Knowledge, conducted by Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institute at Stanford University.  Focussing on economics and current world affairs, the quality of the interviewees is astonishing. … Continue reading

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The new Brazilia: It’s in Mongolia!

There is a “consensus opinion” – if that term still has any validity post-ClimateGate – that the booming Chinese economy is going to pull the world out of the second dip in our current global economic maelstrom.  One scoop or … Continue reading

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Crash JP Morgan, buy silver: The first google-bombing

Max Keiser offers up a very different world view than you’ll get on any of the major media.  So does Alex Jones at InfoWars (!).  The combination has recently proven explosive.  A quick googling just now for the exact phrase … Continue reading

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What a Beautiful Day

It is a gorgeous day today in Ottawa. When I came out the door to walk the dog there was a cardinal on my frozen(!) birdbath. I love feeding the birds (my birds, I often think), despite the squirrels and … Continue reading

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The Quantitative Easing Explained

This is both funny and informative: note: a tiny bit of bad language, but inconsequential

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The “Free” Internet

There it is folks, as “free” as it is.  Click in and try to find yourself (circa 2006). In an exchange of emails with someone on the topic of the “Free Internet”, some things came up in the discussion I … Continue reading

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Sports update! Maple Leafs eaten alive!

The picture says it all.  Thanks to Jeffie for the phun photo.  Click to zoom in.

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Intelligent life exists elsewhere! Video evidence!

Today as we were chatting on a lazy Saturday morning about stuff Christy bumped into some youtube videos posted by “modelmark”.  Here is a link to his youtube channel. What an interesting bunch of ideas and ways of looking at … Continue reading

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