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Let’s start from the very beginning

I read a funny piece in Maclean’s about the lack of humour in Canadian politics, citing the need for a new party that could laugh at itself.  I love laughing at myself, better yet making others laugh, yes, even at, … Continue reading

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Should we be worried? Let’s keep tabs.

The following article projecting Canadian Federal debt and deficits as a fraction of GDP appeared in Feb 2010 here.  I want to keep tabs, remember the forecasts, so that we might check their math later. The implicit assumption is a … Continue reading

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Gravity Always Wins

My younger brother has a marvelous, beautiful young child, and through some osmotic process that I don’t understand, came to understand some things earlier than I, despite his being four years my junior.  Better late than never.

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Vote Today October 25th, 2010

McGuinty’s Men – Voter Beware In two of the most prominent Ontario cities, Toronto and Ottawa, the McGuinty Liberals are trying to get their men in.  In Ottawa it looks like a done deal for Jim Watson, a testimony to … Continue reading

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American Liberalism Wakens Sleeping Conservatism

Ramesh Ponnuru & Rich Lowry have written a brilliant account of current American politics in National Review Online.  Here is but a sample: The liberal journalist Peter Beinart noted that for decades Democratic leaders had treated the American public’s latent … Continue reading

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The Mouse That Roared

Our dog Mouse (our last was Wolf, son of Bear, dog of RedBeard) frequently gets walked at the Bruce Pit dog park in Ottawa.  If you have a dog, you should know that they (and you!) are much happier and … Continue reading

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Lolife vs Lyle Rossiter, Thomas Sowell, and me

I often can’t properly remember how or why I arrive at any particular site on the web, but I also don’t often forget when I see something interesting, particularly if I feel strongly enough to comment on someone else’s blog.   … Continue reading

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WHO Striving for Fairness, not Good Health

There has long been much suspicion about the value of many international organizations, particularly those with three letter acronyms.  The IMF and the World Bank have arguably done much more harm than good, saddling the Third World with unmanageable debts, … Continue reading

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The first politics post has been edited

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