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Lolife vs Lyle Rossiter, Thomas Sowell, and me

I often can’t properly remember how or why I arrive at any particular site on the web, but I also don’t often forget when I see something interesting, particularly if I feel strongly enough to comment on someone else’s blog.   … Continue reading

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Ben’s Holistic Eclectic Ramblings

On space, time, consciousness and free will: the strange statue. Nothing moves in the complete state-matrix of space-time, the one that spans all space, all time, and any more dimensions we may need to model reality as accurately as we … Continue reading

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Xty’s Compact Thoughts

Writing to read or to write, a constant battle, with reading currently winning most skirmishes. Hummingbirds They are really tiny.  And very hard to photograph. Poetry Both the art and the audience have passed away. The Universe It is big … Continue reading

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