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Bagelshop Blues

So I was on the way home with Mouse and bumped into Andrew Colbert playing outside the Bagel Shop.  Since I had my Zoom on me, I flipped it on.  Check it out.

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On certainty

One of the great motive forces in man’s action is the desire to reduce uncertainty.  Almost everything we do can be viewed as “insurance”.  We eat now in case we are unable to eat later.  We build a roof over … Continue reading

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Truth is not a four-letter word

A man claiming to be Truth arrives at the temple, and wishes to meet the Dalai Lama. Announced, Truth enters, sits, and the two sit long, in silence, examining each other. Truth eventually breaks the silence, and says: “I am … Continue reading

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Order, or dark matter?

In a previous post I mention emergent order in freely operating complex systems.  In this one I want to make a scientific prediction.  I believe that it will be discovered that “dark matter” and “dark energy”  do not exist.  John … Continue reading

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What a Beautiful Day

It is a gorgeous day today in Ottawa. When I came out the door to walk the dog there was a cardinal on my frozen(!) birdbath. I love feeding the birds (my birds, I often think), despite the squirrels and … Continue reading

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The “Free” Internet

There it is folks, as “free” as it is.  Click in and try to find yourself (circa 2006). In an exchange of emails with someone on the topic of the “Free Internet”, some things came up in the discussion I … Continue reading

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Intelligent life exists elsewhere! Video evidence!

Today as we were chatting on a lazy Saturday morning about stuff Christy bumped into some youtube videos posted by “modelmark”.  Here is a link to his youtube channel. What an interesting bunch of ideas and ways of looking at … Continue reading

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Self-organization, Consciousness, and Unintended Consequence

I realize as I read news and think about it and talk about current events with others that there exists a conceptual gap between how I think about things, and how others might, particularly those with whom I disagree on … Continue reading

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The Mouse That Roared

Our dog Mouse (our last was Wolf, son of Bear, dog of RedBeard) frequently gets walked at the Bruce Pit dog park in Ottawa.  If you have a dog, you should know that they (and you!) are much happier and … Continue reading

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The Mouse That Barked

We are dog-people, and have had dogs pretty much all our respective lives.  Our current hound is “Mouse”, a Bernese/Aussie rescue puppy from a pound in Alma, in northern Quebec.  (We think we could have stumbled on a new breed, … Continue reading

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