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On certainty

One of the great motive forces in man’s action is the desire to reduce uncertainty.  Almost everything we do can be viewed as “insurance”.  We eat now in case we are unable to eat later.  We build a roof over … Continue reading

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Best convocation rant ever?

This found its way to my email inbox, and it was such a good rant I feel compelled to give it voice here:

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Truth is not a four-letter word

A man claiming to be Truth arrives at the temple, and wishes to meet the Dalai Lama. Announced, Truth enters, sits, and the two sit long, in silence, examining each other. Truth eventually breaks the silence, and says: “I am … Continue reading

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Order, or dark matter?

In a previous post I mention emergent order in freely operating complex systems.  In this one I want to make a scientific prediction.  I believe that it will be discovered that “dark matter” and “dark energy”  do not exist.  John … Continue reading

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Bacq 2 Bretton Woods

I hope if you are reading this, you understand that we didn’t invent money, we discovered it, and that gold is money, or more correctly, currency.  We should really reserve “money” to describe the idea alone, and “currency” for what … Continue reading

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Why gold, why tree?

Seeing as we still have the site up, I thought it might be a good idea to try and find all the old passwords etc, find my way in, and try to recall how to create a post here.  Done.  … Continue reading

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Chinese fortunes, cookie!

Christy and I try to stay apprised of world events and developments, but we may not always read the same stuff. I had bumped into the following document by HSBC (the division that isn’t kiting gold on the LBMA;-) at … Continue reading

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What a Beautiful Day

It is a gorgeous day today in Ottawa. When I came out the door to walk the dog there was a cardinal on my frozen(!) birdbath. I love feeding the birds (my birds, I often think), despite the squirrels and … Continue reading

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Sports update! Maple Leafs eaten alive!

The picture says it all.  Thanks to Jeffie for the phun photo.  Click to zoom in.

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Halloween 2010 CNN: Scary kids

The other day I had happened to mention CNN and Christy had, my paraphrasing allowed, jumped in quickly: “CNN?  Scary.”  I didn’t understand, I hadn’t watched CNN in eons.

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